Meet a Student

Josh Kozikowski

Forestry, 2014

Audrey Perkins

Forestry, 2012

Students entering forestry


  • love being outdoors in all seasons
  • have a knack for observation & analysis
  • know that some forestry careers require physical stamina
  • appreciate the importance of good communications & public relations
  • know that working with computers and statistics is required
Matt Spinner
Matt Spinner works fighting forest fires, rappelling out of helicopters, in the remote areas of the Klamath National Forest in Northern California. Learn More >>
Steve Eisenhaure

Steve Eisenhaure returned to UNH to earn a master's degree in forestry. Today, he manages 3,500 acres of woodlands owned by the University.  Learn more>>

outdoor field experience

Forestry majors engage in outdoor field experience - learning critical forestry skills, including tree and shrub identification, mapping, and compass work.
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